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Cultures & Strategy – developing the "C as in Culture factor"

"Globalization presupposes cross-cultural management," says Corinne Saurel, consultant and CEO of Culture & Strategy, who advises her corporate clients to use cross-cultural management as a tool to facilitate internationalization.
For Corinne, "It is a question of developing business activities while respecting local cultures and/or taking cultural specificities into account when setting-up local offices or subsidiaries. Just speaking English is not enough to motivate multi-cultural teams to work together towards common goals; just because you have an excellent product, it does not mean that it will be easy to sell internationally and it is not because a standard is generally accepted in your home market that it will be understood and accepted in other markets. This is particularly true in emerging economies where to succeed it is critical to decode unfamiliar thought systems."
Cultures & Strategy offers programs designed to help managers acquire a cross-cultural mind-set so that they are more at ease in their jobs, more flexible intellectually and contribute to making the company more competitive internationally.

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